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Access Control Systems

Access control gives you control over your facility by restricting access to visitors, tenants, and your employees.

In today's world any facility with multiple employees, tenants, or visitors needs access control. Keys offer virtually no security as they can be easily lost, stolen, or duplicated. You may or may not get a key back when an employee or tenant leaves or is terminated. With keys there’s no audit trail of who entered your facility and when.

Realizing this, more businesses are installing computerized access control systems. Each individual has a unique card or key-tag which allows access to selected doors at selected times. Cards or key-tags can easily be deleted when employees leave. When needed, the system can give you reports of who went where and when.

Most access control systems consist of:
  • client-supplied computer (software)
  • controller (lock/unlock doors) view all hardware
  • back-up battery (power failures)
  • reader (keypad, proximity, fingerprint)
  • request to exit button or motion detector (unlock door from interior)
  • door contact (door open alarm)
  • locking device (electric door strike, magnetic lock, gate)
Most doors need to be modified by a locksmith and additional lockwork may be required – quoted separately.

Eyeongate ME Series - 4 Door Access Control System

Package Includes:

1x  ADC-CAS-6600 (Metal Case)
1x  ADC-EOG-ME24 (Main Control Board)
4x  DS3503 (Door Strike)
4x  ADC-EOG-2610 (Card Reader)
50x ADC-CD-EM01 (ID Card)
1x ACC-POWER-CP1250 (DC12V, 5A, 4 Port Power Distribution Box)

Access Control Software Included
Time Attendence Software Included


3 years on main control board
1 year on parts (card readers, IC cards, ID cards, door strikes, magnetic locks, etc.)

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