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Video Surveillance

When video surveillance is done correctly is a win-win situation for everyone. Your business gets protected, your employees get protected, so do your customers, vendors and anyone who does transactions with your company.

Surveillance of any kind is done to protect your bottom line. Video surveillance works because it provides visual, live, and recorded output 24/7.

How it works

  • Records activity in as many spots as needed, there must be one camera per location to be supervised
  • Records only when there is activity or movement to keep storage requirements to a minimum
  • Records 24/7
  • Keeps recordings for an average of one to two weeks, or more depending on hard drive capacity
  • Ability to keep on recording while at the same time checking previous recordings
  • Internet ready, so that recordings are available from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Can record in low light environments or during 'near dark' times of day using infrared cameras
  • May use hidden cameras such as the ones in 'nanny cameras' or disguised in a smoke detector, alarm clock, etc.

What it does

  • Crime deterrent
  • Protect your assets, know when someone enter or leaves your warehouse
  • Cashier, track cashier schedule, issues with money tendered, etc.
  • Tracks employee behavior
  • Protect equipment from loss / abuse
  • Track events by date and time related to your employees, customers, vendors, and business in general
  • Overnight protection
  • Useful to report crime and may assist in resolving them

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